Is Interfaith Prayer Possible?


Today Pope Francis led a religious service with many leaders of different religions in NY.  Pope prayed to ‘God’ and ‘the Lord’ but I don’t think he ever mentioned the name of Jesus.

I think we can do many things together with people of different faith. We can love and respect them as human beings. We can work together in the same company for business and study in the same class for school. We can be good neighbors and friends. We can even do some good work together for social justice.

But having a worship service and praying together? It sounds great and it seems to promote unity and peace. But that is only possible if we believe that we all actually worship the same *god and that there are many ways to connect to that same god through different religions. To me it sounds like one-world-religion. Religion cannot be a glue that brings everyone together. Only Jesus can bring true peace and unity. And those who reject Jesus will always remain hostile.

In my bible Jesus said that He is the only way, truth and life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. John 3:16 says God gave his one and only son Jesus, not Jesus, Johnny and Joe we can choose from. We don’t have the option of choosing Jesus or other gods. We can only choose Jesus or reject Him.


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