A Little Confession of a Pastor

There are two places in life that you dread going into but you always leave feeling satisfied: gym and prayer meeting.

My church has a prayer meeting on Monday evenings where you’ll see some God-hungry people flock in to pray, worship, meditate and intercede for others. As with any other pastors, Monday is my real sabbath when I just get to sleep, rest and relax after a long weekend of busy ministry activities and meetings. Especially for those who preach on Sundays, Monday is a day of rest from the stress of final sermon preparation on weekend and delivery on Sunday.

Pastors should always be excited to go to church prayer meetings, right? Many times my flesh is whining and thinking of other ‘productive’ things I can do rather than going to the prayer meeting. But you know you should set an example as a pastor to diligently pray. Deep inside you know that you need to pray with your church members and the Holy Spirit’s voice always says, “come”.

You always leave the prayer meeting thinking that you’re glad you went. You got to pray for your church members and many times you receive prayers from them. You’re recharged with supernatural strength God gives to those who are weary.

Here are three reasons why I think it’s good for pastors to go to church prayer meetings:

  1.  Humility: After a long weekend of doing ministry and doing all the ‘great’ things for the Kingdom of God, it’s time to surrender everything to the Lord and give glory to Him. If you think you just delivered one of the greatest sermons ever, it’s time to humble yourself to know that it was due to the power of Gospel in the Scriptures, not in your ability to deliver, your deep insight or amazing illustrations.
  2. Grace: Many weeks pastors feel insecure of their work and abilities as they serve. You make mistakes in dealing with difficult issues in church matters and sometimes regret how you could’ve done a better job counseling your church members in need. If you think you just failed your sermon with terrible delivery and missing the important punchlines and failing to make the congregation laugh with your well-rehearsed jokes, it’s time to remember that His grace is enough. Sometimes a person would come up to you and tell you how encouraged he/she was and you wonder, ‘how? that was the worst sermon I preached in my life!’ It’s time to soak yourself in the grace of God.
  3. Power: We must remember that it is from our prayer closet where ministry flows out, not from the pulpit or from the staff meetings. Jesus often withdrew Himself to deserted places and prayed alone. Although church prayer meeting is not a place of solitude, you can still seek God and have a quality alone time with God in a corner. There is power when you get together with your church members to pray in one mind. Where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name, God will move powerfully through prayer. You receive the supernatural power to do ministries rather than relying on your flesh.

Lord, Help Me!


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